Camp: Week 1 Day 2

The second day of camp was hotter and sunnier, but it seemed like the word had been spread more and we had three new students come for the day.

Day 2_observation drawing

First everyone found something around the neighborhood for observational drawings–which meant not looking at their paper while drawing and trying to focus on observing the object ahead of them instead. Day 2_sign talk Day 2_signtalk

Then we talked about the sign again and covered what we had discussed the day before. From the first picture its very apparent that for a park meant for kids, the sign is way too tall to be helpful.

With the sun pounding down, we moved to the shade and talked about how the sign could be remade.  Looking at different fonts and sign designs, the students sketched their own ideas for the new design.

Day 2_sign designDay 2_fonts/design sign

Here the group is talking about the different options for fonts and how to incorporate elements from the park into the sign to make it  unique to the park.

Before the camp day came to a close for the week, we talked about weaving and how to put some color into the park space.

Day 2_weaving examples

Above, Katie talks about how she weaved these different samples and explained how the students could do the same with tape and the fence surrounding the park.






The tape was slippery, so it was nice having all of the extra hands to help keep it taught and make colorful patterns in the fence.





Day 2_finished weaving

The finished weaving looks pretty neat, wouldn’t it be neat if the whole park was encircled with these colorful tapes?!

Camp: Week 1

MAKENeighborhood art camp started this week in Recycle Park, North Braddock.
The first day we primarily focused on the sign that towers over the park entrance. How best could this be changed and made more welcoming?
Day 1_signDay 1_sign talk closeup Continue reading